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auto adjust bx26
Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 670mm/26in
Base Spread: 490mm/19.3in
Weight: 6.0kg/13lb
Top Plate Size: 350mm/14in
Material/Finish: Aluminium/Polished
Max Tabletop Size Square: 650mm/26in
Max Tabletop Size Round: 750mm/30in
Post/Column Width: 65mm/2.56in

from £66.00
auto adjust cx26
Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 660mm/26in
Base Spread: 480mm/19in
Weight: 3kg/7lb (5.6kg inc supplied
weight attachment)
Top Plate Size: 345mm/14in
Material/Finish: Aluminium/Polished
Max Tabletop Weight: 10kg/22lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 700mm/28in
Max Tabletop Size Round: 700mm/28in
Post/Column Width: 2.56mm/65mm
from £76.00
auto adjust bx26 - flip top
Height:720mm/28.35inBase Span:670mm/26in
Base Spread:490mm/19in Weight:4.9kg (11lb)
Top Plate Size:345mm/14in
Max Tabletop Weight:10kg (22lb)
Max Tabletop Size Square:800mm/32in Max Round:800mm/32in
from £66.00
auto adjust kt22
Height: 720mm/28.35
Base Span: 560mm/22in
Base Spread: 128mm/5in
Weight: 8kg/18lb
Top Plate Size: 330mm/13in
Material/Finish: Cast Iron/Textured Finish
Max Tabletop Weight: 35kg/77lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 900mm x
2100mm - 36in x 84in

from £49.00
auto adjust kx22
Available in 2 heights:
Dining - Height: 720mm
Poseur - Height 1035mm
Base Span: 560mm - Base Spread: 430mm -Top Plate Size: 330mm Material/Finish: Cast Iron/Textured finish
Max Tabletop Weight: 16kg
Max Tabletop Size Square: 750mm -Max Tabletop Size Round: 750mmPost/Column Width: 76mm
from £46.00
auto adjust sx26 - flip top
Height 720mm/28.35in Base Span 670mm/26in Base Spread 476mm / 18.75in Weight 5.2Kg/11.5lb Top Plate Size 375mm/15in Material/Finish Aluminum/EP Grey or Black powder coat or Polished Max Tabletop Weight 10Kg/22lb Max Tabletop Size Square 800mm/32in Max Tabletop Size Round 800mm/32in Post/Column Width 65mm/2.56in
from £69.00
auto adjust kx2230
Height: 720mm/28.35in
Base Span: 560mm x 750mm -
22in x 30in
Base Spread: 505mm/20in
Weight: 11.5kg/25lb
Top Plate Size: 330mm/13in
Material/Finish: CastIron/TexturedFinish
Max Tabletop Weight: 16kg/35lb
Max Tabletop Size Square: 600mm x
900mm - 24in x 36in
Post/Column Width: 76mm/3in
from £70.00
auto adjust kx30
Height: 720mm/28.35inBase Span: 760mm/30inBase Spread: 570mm/22inWeight: 12kg/26lbTop Plate Size: 330mm/13inMaterial/Finish: Cast Iron/Textured FinishMax Tabletop Weight: 20kg/44lbMax Tabletop Size Square: 1050mm/42inMax Tabletop Size Round: 1050mm/42inPost/Column Width: 76mm/3in
from £60.00
auto adjust kx36
Height: 720mm/28.35inBase Span: 915mm/36inBase Spread: 680mm/27inWeight: 20.5kg/45lbTop Plate Size: 445mm/17inMaterial/Finish: CastIron/TexturedFinishMax Tabletop Weight: 25kg/55lbMax Tabletop Size Square: 1200mm/47inMax Tabletop Size Round: 1500mm/60inPost/Column Width: 102mm/4in
from £72.00
auto adjust px23
Base Span:574mm/22.6in
Base Spread:432mm/17in - 17Kg/37.5lb
Top Plate Size:290mm/11.4in
Material/Finish:Cast Iron/Textured Finish
Max Tabletop Weight:20Kg/44lb
Max Tabletop Size Square:max750mm/30in Max Round:900mm/36in
from £57.00
auto adjust ur22
Height:720mm/28.35in Base Span:550mm/22in Base Spread:550mm/22in - 19.5kg/43lb Top Plate Size:330mm/13in Material/Finish :Cast Iron/Textured Finish Max Table top Weight:18kg/40lb Max Tabletop Size Square:max750mm/30in Max Round:750mm/30in
from £58.00
auto adjust ur30
Height 720mm/28.38in Base Span 760mm/30in Weight 35kg/77lb Top Plate Size 330mm/13in Material/Finish Cast Iron/Textured Finish Max Tabletop Weight 25kg/55lb Max Tabletop Size Square 1200mm/47in Max Tabletop Size Round 1500mm/60in Post/Column Width 102mm/4in
from £89.00
auto adjust gs22
Height 720mm/28.35 Base Span 565mm/22in Base Spread 400mm/15.75in Weight 13kg/28.75lb Top Plate Size 300mm/12in Material/Finish Cast Iron/Textured Finish Max Tabletop Weight 16kg/35lb Max Tabletop Size Square 750mm/30in Max Tabletop Size Round 750mm/30in Post/Column Width 80mm/3.15in
from £59.00

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